Tum ney kia kia uss k sath. Kerim told me that I called the police! Couldn’t reach him on the phone, either. We decided to give you our best offer considering the result of the research. They, together had put so much effort. She spoke with me.

We’re getting even more crowded. But he was in jail. Anything you want me to write to her? Okay, I’ll prepare the sheets. Why did he keep asking about my son? They will sign the company away gradually. I think, tears are the best sign of sincerity.

Come back to your home, Nalan! She looks even more beautiful since the last time. January 28, at 7: Are you going to come to the company often? We had a dinner together.

I swore to take my revenge. Shall we go outside? We’ve been waiting for half an hour now. I’m mad at myself for waiting so long. Why are you crying?

You got yourself in debt with a “hello”. Her wounds were almost healed. I won’t let you see them again. How did he leave you with a baby in your belly?


He talked to Mustafa’s wife today. Dear Erkan I am having a problem watching Ep 58 with Eng subs. You don’t believe englis, do you? I’ll talk to you soon. I’m just curious, when can we expect subtitles for What about the kids? Why did he keep asking about my son? Part 1 and Part 2. After two years long silence And now you’re leaving me all alone. Erkan, thank you for your excellent work.

When you took a break, I thought I’d write back to Deniz’s e-mail. Then just forget it. She didn’t say anything else. I am the only victim of this battle. You pathetic, disgusting man!

Fatmagul episode 57 summary

I got caught unprepared because epiaode him. If you told me What do you know, maybe we’ll go to their wedding before yours. In warm nights, we’ll fall asleep on it under the stars. Kadir Bey is going to the prosecution office in Izmir tomorrow. He was very eager to listen.


Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 58 Eng Subs | Readable

I was looking for you in the backyard. The fact that we lived together under the same roof for a long time also helped.

Give us fpisode keys of that forest house. God knows, they made him do all their dirty work. I remember that night very well. Where are you going at this hour?

Fatmagul episode 57 summary

Mithat didn’t do it, right? I agree, don’t delay it so long. We could live in your parents’ house until this house is finished. They, together had put so much effort. I’ll find you wherever you hide! When Kadir Abi comes home, I’ll go prepare the house.