He just found out that he has feelings for a maids daughter who’s lot in life is worse than he could of imagined. He’s not a better choice than KT in daddy department. He needs to stopped trying to position himself to be her rebound. The tides are changing! Maybe you overcome said disadvantage and be a good person anyway. Tan comes home to a nagging Madam Han who interrogates him about having any more contact with Eun-sang.

Credit Union exchange rates in Maryland, Frederick. Well, it was supposed to start in Australia but was changed to America because it was winter in Australia and summer in California. Glad Tan stood up for his mother. And he doesn’t know how that truth will be excepted. Last time I checked, it took 2 to tango so for me the sinners are mom and dad. Your explanation actually makes sense, and I agree with it. I totally get the wrier too.

I’m sorry, but I melted at that scene. Ah, so this is her equivalent of the envelope of money sliding across the table.

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Heck YD was his best friend and became his enemy due to that truth. He’s kissed you before already!

See how wrong our attitudes are, it is reflected in epjsode language. There are a lot of funny and cute moments. The latest from Jewelry-N-Loan jewelryNloan. Geo kahani drama mera sultan episode part 2 —Remastered!

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She wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her, she is just so scared. It was Tan’s fault. What did the beanies understand hirs statement? He just wanted to enjoy her company, really. Can protecting someone become reckless? They’re just sitting there, in their comfy chairs, doing nothing.

He is suppose to be a genius but is so damn slow on the uptake where Eun Sang is concerned. I really like the show but its so slow but now it finally move forward with secrets out and things besides bullying or fighting is actually happening which they should have done before.


Sigh could have been done gjzzylady I suppose but who cares. My credit repair journey: He’s a jerk, but says a lot of truth. I think that KT would not have waited as long as his brother. I wouldn’t mind Cha Episoe disappearing for episoce episode so I could see more of Hyo-Shin interacting with the other characters and learning more about his background and his relationships with Tan, Young-Do, and the other students. And to sit there and let his father berate Heiirs and not fight for her This is the age of cellphones after all.

And in the process, he wanted his mom to be able to be free as well, and not be stepped on any more. Honestly, just some friendly advice. I think YD is intrigued by a girl who doesn’t fall into the guzzylaxy he’s known before. Well, it was supposed to start in Australia but was changed to America because it was winter in Australia and summer in California. He points out that if he marries Rachel and all that comes with it, he may never guzaylady to introduce his mother as his mother.

KT didn’t do anything to deserve that or bring that to himself. Because I would like to share my thoughts with you as well, I feel that posting a response late is better than not posting one at all. Is it considered manly to take unfair blows from your dad?

I guess not focusing on the ramifications of some of the stuff he does to protect her. Plus, I’m moving out of the country soon. Finally, some big things happen!! He can voice his brother’s concerns very well and he does not take his brother’s rejection to heart.

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People are always going on about Candy characters and how they seem to be so quick to decide how they can’t be with the men they love. I think both would give her a hard time.

I think the drama has been trying to convey that Tan meeting Eun-Sang was not just about the two guzzylafy them falling guzzy,ady love; she was a catalyst for Tan to examine himself and awaken from his sunny California stupor. That scene when the second wife threw water at Tan’s mum guzzylad really sad. He very often tells her what to do, I rarely if ever see him ask her what she thinks or what she wants to do how she wants to handle a particular situation.


Please Please Please, be his rock. Their friendship is torn. That was shown in episodes 11 and Being left by his mom because of Tan’s lateness. Thanks for the chuckle: May be YD’s fault too for refusing Tan’s friendship but YD had an understandable reason for the refusal.

YD has told ES numerous times that he likes her and she would be better off with him than Tan. It just feels too one-sided — and even if she supposedly likes him, the way her character is written doesn’t quite convince spisode of that or rather, the way she’s being treated keeps making me think, ‘If I were you, I guzylady run away screaming.

I really love that. Living in his love rivals house that he knows has no warmth, but she goes to school and work, stands up to him, and was nice even when he was mean.

Moonbean November 14, at What I like the most in this episode is the confrontation between Young Do and Eun Sang but that scene didn’t even last that long.

There are a lot of things going on, and even he doesn’t realize exactly why he likes her: However, he still needs major self-improvement, IMO. Ivoire November 16, at 3: She deflects and tells him to go home, and he kisses her instead.