Is this true love for Karl Kennedy, or just a distraction? Kyle makes Jade promise to cancel her boot camp while she is injured. Tash might have enjoyed the live action role play game she wernt to with Ed, but she does not wants anybody else knowing. Episode February 8 th , Paul finds it hard to deal with Sophie. Summer is about to uncover some very interesting news about Tash’s party. Tash and Kate fight it out over the job at Charlie’s – will Tash’s sneaky ways win out? Meanwhile, can Andrew win her over?.. His conversation with Connor has got Toadie thinking.

With his secret finally out, Andrew can focus on controlling his epilepsy. Callum begins to secretly go see Troy on the agreement that Troy will drop the case. Meanwhile, Michael pushes things with Emilia Harold’s Sonya is waiting in the queue to pay as Vanessa serves a male customer. Kate has to choose between lying to Kyle or hurting Lou. Toadie takes the family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s evidence about Troy’s violent past will win their case. Vanessa decides that getting to know Lucas better is more important than her date with Rhys.

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Episode September 25 th Episode January 18 thToadie pretends to be Lewis’s court-appointed lawyer in an effort to clear his name. Episode August 1 st In the gripping final episode of the year, Sonya and Neighboirs are in serious danger.

Following a confrontation with Troy, Priya gets rid of him and warns Toadie and Sonya about the incident. It’s time to see his family Will Summer lose her job at the paper?.

Tash finds it impossible to embrace her talents as she finds it hard with how she sees herself. How long can they keep their secret?. neighnours

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But is that a good enough reason to marry him? Karl seems ready to move on with a new woman, but is Susan ready to let go? Episode December 5 thNow that the affair is beighbours knowledge, Erinsborough residents are choosing sides. Andrew continues to come up neighbouds ideas for making money from Tash and Ed’s maths skills until Ed begins to protest Kyle warns Harley he’ll be washing up for the next two weeks.


Neighbours | Episode 7024 | 27 November 2014

Episode August 14 th Meanwhile, Connor plans Toadie’s party Meanwhile, will Priya accept Sophie’s apology?. Meanwhile, can Andrew win her over?.

Episode March 30 thDoes Summer really think her job is more important than Andrew’s? Episode May 11 th Sparks are flying between these two! Concerned about Toadie, Susan remains in the dark about Paul’s determination to reclaim his job as editor.

After Kyle ends his and Callum’s scheme, Callum attempts to blackmail him Episode June 26 thJade is scared that Troy is going to take revenge, but the discovery that he is in hospital sees other fears. Meanwhile, Ajay finds himself fighting for his job That all sounds great babe, but isn’t our daughter hanging out with a guy like Harley Canning just a bit more important than being in her good books?

Episode January 25 th But an unexpected guest may send the whole thing into chaos. Susan goes to Paul for help as she attempts to help clear Toadie’s name. Rhys and Vanessa can’t hide their feelings for each other!

When Jade asks if he has anything to say to Kyle and Harley replies that he doesn’t, she says she’s going to the Kapoors’ to talk to Priya. Episode March 29 thKate is ready to move on from Kyle Meanwhile, the community centre is open for business And Kate is a bad liar.

Like with Kyle before, maybe. Meanwhile, Chris makes Kyle a surprising offer Callum starts to become curious about some new neighbours After being to allow Susan to win, Paul is pacified when Zoe has a plan to get him back his Job. Episode March 5 thCan Kate really win Kyle’s heart?


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Kate is pushed by Sophie to be honest about the mistake she made Episode September 20 th Episode July 3 rdFollowing a confrontation with Troy, Priya gets rid of him and warns Toadie and Sonya about the incident. After he’s gone, Spisode remarks somewhat awkwardly that Vanessa was really sweet to the customer, but that she perhaps shouldn’t be so overly friendly with male customers in case they think she’s flirting.

Priya is quickly making enemies as the new principal of Erinsborough High. Fitzgerald Motors Vanessa asks Lucas if he thinks she’s been giving him mixed signals, or the impression she’s interested in him. Connor is still pretty happy to act like a child with Toadie, but he’s about to get a serious reality check. Episode June 21 stKate ends up finding an unexpected source of support in Troy as she feels guilty.

Episode February 2 ndThe time has come to say goodbye to Audrey, but it won’t go quite as Karl and Susan had planned. Episode March 21 stUnmissable Neiighbours No 26 Harley comes in. Meanwhile, Sophie doesn’t approve of what Kate’s doing Episode July 24 th Episode November 1 stAfter the bar brawl, Vanessa’s true feelings about Rhys come to the surface, and Francesca is immediately suspicious.

Rhys manages to impress Vanessa with the passion he shows for his patients. Is Dial-A-Kyle in serious trouble?