Kim Yu Shin asked Deok Man to reconsider her decision to use such drastic measure. Bi dam asked why did Wyol Ya staged his escape. If the Silla Royal Household should borne twin daughters. Queen Seon Deok kept her silence as Bi Dam pesters for an answer. Cheon Myeong said that she is a twin. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Wyol Ya is going to do now. Sa Tak said it is because of this reason that they are experiencing a lot of desertion from their soldiers.

Bi Dam said it is not, he finds it useful an idea. Incidents such as this kept the Chinese in awe of the Hwarang, and meant that in later years, when asked by the Chinese emperor to attack Silla, the Chinese generals refused, claiming that although Silla was small, it could not be defeated. Kim Chun Chu asked whether this is another of their cunning deception that they are devising. Deok Man question her identity that to whom she can laid her trust now. Strike me down if you want to leave. Watch ‘ The Great Queen Seon Deok ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Lady Mishil tries to have both princesses exiled from the palace and eventually succeeds in having Princess Cheonmyeong assassinated.

Kim Yu Shin wants to know what Cheon Myeong is trying to implied in her hints. Lord Sueulbu asked what is with Daeya fortress that they need to have any anxiety about, it is not that it is the 1st time they are laying siege to the place.

Deok Man accepts Bi Dam answer as Bi Dam affirm it, as Bi Dam tries to explain that he has mentioned before that he went to Daeya fortress was, Deok Man cuts him short that she has heard enough. Bi Dam said he is just an obstacle for her the sake of her vile aspiration that she is trying to realise that aspiration.

Deok Man said although for Mi Shil, it will with difficult for her to accepts any suggested condition that is laid on the table.

Episode 52

Deok Man as she sees it, that Mi Shil has…. At that time, they will have to use resort to the reign of terror to suppress hatred. Cheon Myeong know that the phase qheen spoken by King Jinheung.


Lee Yo Won Main Cast. Sweat is a good indicator that an apparent heart attack is coming since Queen Seon Deok has not exerted herself in any physical exercise. Deok Man said that what is foremost aspect in the matter, what is that practical to them as of now.

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Some patients, who may or may not be dying, may experience and express to others premonitions of their imminent death. Bi Dam is taken back that Queeen man has reject her stratagem. Bi Dam is in the queue.

Mi Shil asked whether the next step is referring to being a driving force. Lord Jujin said that this is clearly high treason. Koreans believed that life would not be possible unless the principles of nature were respected.

The truth also set in for Mi Saeng as Bi Dam mumbles that he is not like that.

Dae Pung asked what is the stratagem about. Ha Jong now feels there are sitting ducks. San Tak is shock that Kim Grsat Chu has knowledge of the truth as San Tak realise he let the cat out of the back with his expression. Seok Bum replies that it play no concern for him.

Cheon Myeong said that it should be so. Ha Jong said that why did Queen Seon Deok allow us to do this portfolio. The Yonghwa Hyangdo want to know what is going on as Joo bang said that they had been such an idiot for so long. Kim Chun Chu said that but if Queen Seon Deok accords to what is happening then Bi dam will surely gain the control of the courts. Yeom Jong said that he has always been that kind of a person in behaviour.

Joo bang said for Yol Nul Jae. Kim Chun Chu…the fact whoever it is…. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Supreme Commander Yu Shin! Wajah Putri Cheonmyeong langsung pucat mendengarnya. Joo Bang claims that this is injustice that Kim Yu Shin is falsely being accuse. According to what Seol Won Rang has mentioned that they were brought over the most efficient logistics arrangement. Kim Yu Shin is shocked that Deok Man is the alleged traitor.


Thank you for dropping by. Ha Jong asked whether his Uncles have uqeen regrets. Ha Jong asked seondeik is that really a star rising at yonder. The only person who can ruin himself, is that person. Deok Man boldly reply that except if she goes elsewhere to establish a country of her own, there is no alternative but however the attempts in the establishment of the new rule in this country has been simply led to a naught.

Seo Ji acknowledge it. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was qeuen by Mi-shil. Al Cheon epislde has grown elderly waits at the tombs as Kim Yu Shin comes clad in his armour. Queen Seon Deok said that the population are still watching them as they are still in their sight. Al Cheon reminds her on the retreat of Ah Mak fortress during their cadre days. Wyol Ya comes in to report to Deok Man that the situation in Daeya fortress is….

Seol Won Rang meets with Mi Shil tue inform that they need to depart soon. Then the child with owns that dagger has return to the palace. Chil Sook tells So Hwa that it is dangerous for her to venture outside although it had been many years, someone is bound to recognise her. Kim Yu Shin said he is not, that he is being seondok to this cruelty of the truth Kim Yu Shin said that Silla is founded almost years old of legacy.

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