Posted April 22, Not only is it time for her to leave that company it’s also time for her to be come stronger and more self aware. In the article, it says that Kim Bo Yeon has made her first appearance in the show as a character who has just returned from overseas. By 0ly40 Started December 12, By Prettysup Started November 9, Hence this will be a new task for the Uhm family members as they have to find a way to make the unique taste of noodles that Kim Bo Yeon’s mom used to make while she was still working in the noodle house.

By jess1tym4life Started January 9, CW doesn’t seem to have an ounce of self preservation. Hi Guys, Quick questions. This will be one of the very few one. CW takes being kind to new depth’s, why would she go to CG aide? Hope you feel better now If I view it from that standpoint, it really makes me laugh. Also looking for the movie Romantic Island.

Hundred Year Inheritance episode 41 English [1/2] – video dailymotion

As you can tell by a previous comment of mine, I am not a feminist, even though I was raised by one and grew up in the age of bra-burning. I barely watch any drama that is episode long. I finally broke up gooddrams my emotionally abusive and cheating bf while I was on vacation. She has been used and misused at the hands of this family, the day before she was in a car accident as a result of the nutty daughter but yet when they call her she never questions their motives or distrust what they may be after.

Why would EMIL call her instead of going herself, this was the same way she tricked CW before when she put her in a mental hospital. What CH knows is something so minute that she doesn’t even consider it’s meaning but SJ knows that it will reveal her secret. Also the condition the MIL made that it would have to be a son for her to register the marriage means that there should awtch no question about SJ being the mother.


I don’t think CH is SY mom because she doesn’t act like a woman who has a child in the world, when she said she lost her child I think she had a miscarriage. Awtch fear is that something SY or his dad might say to her may trigger her memory so she must keep them apart at all cost.

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She will do this and still remain a decent human being. He’s a good actor. I am one who prefers the quaint, stiff kisses. Why is this guy still single??? She had it when she left the office. Posted April 22, Hi Guys, Quick questions. And it is likely that the appearance of this character has something to do with Baek Sul Joo’s secret and it’s only a matter of time that her secret will be revealed.

Actually I see a lot of humor in CG’s huncred. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Below is a brief translation of the article Thereafter, due to the harsh circumstances of their family situation, she was sent overseas for adoption. Got the inspiration from alekaonu – here is something for my dear chingus until the weekend come. He called and cried. Yg Family Official Thread.

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Glad you are feeling better and thanks for your hard work. Can’t wait for the kiss scene!! This one’s for you. JR will not stop pursuing SY but if CW leaves the company it will keep her out of the line of fire, and make JR let her guard down while believing she has a chance.

By 0ly40 Started December 12, SJ duped SY dad into marrying her because she was pregnant her MIL disapproved of her so there is no way she wouldn’t have verified the pregnancy. I just love it so much when SY looks at CW in a loving and caring way. As somebody else mentioned, I am not all that fond of PDA in real life, either, and if the kisses are too involved then I feel like a peeping tom.


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In the drama, she plays the role of someone who has worked at the noodle house together with her mother 40 years ago. After all booddrama has suffered at their hands this was not being kind it was being stupid.

Hundred Year Inheritance episode 41 English [2/2]

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Maybe I haven’t seen a lot of dramas but this is the first one Eatch seen where the main character has been put through so so many hardships, many ups and downs, many unfair misunderstandings! I started to watch this drama because of Lee Jung Jin. Hope you feel better now I hope you continue to have a great and wonderful day. If I view it from that standpoint, it really makes me laugh.

CW takes being kind to new depth’s, why would she go to CG aide? Not only is it time for her to leave that company it’s also time for her to be come stronger and more self aware. Hudred actually not that easy to knee a man ‘where it hurts’ if he’s even slightly aware that this is something the girl might try speaking as the survivor of a failed rape attempt here.