Shubhra comes to meet Adinath and apologizes for her behavior. Shubhra reveals about the incident to Priya who in turn tells Shastriji about it. Tula Pahate Re 8: Shastriji tells him that destiny is trying to show something. Adinath tells her that he indeed got engaged. Sulekha goes to meet Madhusudan, but he feels guilty to face her.

Adinath speaks to Sulekha while driving. On the other hand, Shastriji falls sick. Shobhana tells her that many things have happened but she cannot tell her on the phone. Sulekha’s mother is shocked to see that she is having very high fever, and informs Bal about it. Sulekha leaves for Vasai in order to meet Adinath. Vasudha tries in vain to stop her.

Tula Pahate Re 6: Just then, Ramakant also known as Rama Seth comes to Shubhra’s house.

Tula Pahate Re 8: Home Shows Asambhav Episode Adinath asks her if she will marry him. Shastriji episde Vishnu about his sister-in-law Parvati.

She also speaks sarcastically while taking his blessings. She also tells Shastriji that she had a vision about Adinath too and had visualized his engagement with Sulekha.

Shubhra sings a classical song on Adinath’s request. Adinath’s sister Priya Shastri Sharvari Patankar has an unexplained resent towards Sulekha from the time Adinath introduces her to his family. She nurses Adinath back to health and congratulates epiisode on his engagement.


Asambhav – Episode 01 – Full Episode. Madhusudan tells him that he is dead for them and asks him to leave the house.

Shastriji tells Vishnu that Grandpa Sopan is still alive at the age of 90 because destiny has something in store for him. Adinath is 052 by surprise.

Poonam tells him that Sulekha is planning to attend Adinath’s marriage. Bal tells him that she insisted. Meanwhile, Shubhra brings medicine for Adinath and assmbhav get introduced to each other. Priya calls Shobhana and tells her that she needs to talk to her.

Vishnu finds old photos in the store room. Later Shubra has a vision of the outhouse being set on fire and warns Adinath about it. He comes to the conclusion that Adinath’s wife could asakbhav problems in the family and Kusum could be the medium. Radha introduces herself to Shubhra and takes her inside. Sulekha asks Grandpa Sopan about his identity.

Asambhav – Episode 292

She had dreamt that Adinath was getting engaged. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 4: Adinath is stunned when Shubhra tells him that she has seen the same dream several times. Madhusudan and Vasudha discuss about getting Priya married.

Shubhra tells him that she was compelled by her mother. Sulekha comes to visit Adinath’s parents. Bhagirathi got married to Bhalchandra Rao from the neighboring village. Shastriji tells him that destiny is trying to show something.


Asambhav – Episode 07 – Full Episode. Shobhana tells her that many things have happened but she cannot tell her on the phone.

Adinath asks Shubhra how she agreed to marry Rama Seth.

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Meanwhile, Priya finds a couple of black beads kept in Adinath’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Assmbhav too feels restless and worried for some unknown reason. Vasudha forgives Adinath and Shubhra and blesses them too.

Adinath is very impressed and asks her about how she learnt music. Please login to continue. Mazya Navryachi Bayko 2: Priya suggests to her father that they should accept Shubhra, but Madhusudan does not give in. Rama Seth has a conversation with Adinath, and praises Shubhra for her singing and cooking abilities.

Shubhra steps into the verandah of the mansion.