Awareness and vigilance can play a key role in keeping children safe and this drama is a brave effort in achieving that end. This video and mp3 song of Bheegi palkein episode 3 aplus is published by Dramas Central on 03 May With good reason, woman! Great performances by the entire cast! A particularly touching scene was when Sheeda called out to Zebo and hugged her and their conversation was interrupted by Sajida. This video and mp3 song of Bheegi palkein episode 9 aplus is published by A Plus Entertainment on 26 May

When Zebo asked her mother why Khala Sheeda had turned away without meeting her properly, Zebo was ordered to stay away from Sheeda and taught the scary lesson that she must obey adults without question. As proof, consider the little things: This man is not black mailed by the ties of blood or society as every step taken is planned with a view to achieve his own selfish end. The dialogues of Sheeda bowl you over and the power of her spoken words coupled with the electric performance of Bushra Ansari leave you spell bound in each sequence. This video and mp3 song of Bheegi palkein episode 22 a plus drama faisal qureshi, affan waheed, ushna shah is published by Dramas Central on 19 Jul Big with a capital B! Between the two strong women Anmol and her mother-in-law , I prefer the latter. But focusing on the positives- the biggest one continues to be Faysal Qureshi.

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Not my cup of tea, sorry! Why does Manu decide to have a second child with such a man.

Meanwhile like a reluctant school boy, Salahuddin let Jeena pormo him, with his protests getting weaker with every passing moment. In many ways, this drama belongs to Saba Hamid who shines everytime that she is on screen.

The whole car journey was beautifully captured and I particularly thought that the scene where Mohid was surrounded by the high rocks was breathtakingly beautiful and created a beautiful moment on screen. But good things come to rpisode who wait, so thank you in advance my dear readers for looking forward to the Mann Mayal reviews and for your great feedback.

Judging by the first five episodes and some of the promos I have seen since, we are episod promised some electric moments between the two palmein. Sheeda continued to struggle post Majja and Sajjo did what she could to help her out, both financially and emotionally.

It is indeed commendable when some of us myself included are watching more than one drama in a given week. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How can things stay smooth when the whole world is out to get her?


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Yet the emergence of Iliyas as Meeran was singing and dancing, meant that the latter was given a warning.

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Bheegi Palkein reviewdillagi reviewman mayal episode 19 reviewUdaari review. She packed her suitcase, cried over the death of her dreams and on her own terms, arrived at her inlaws the next morning. I would like to congratulate the entire cast and crew for giving us a drama that we can be proud of.

Thanks to Mohid, the love story is on track and I am wpisode Anmol will continue her efforts to derail their bheefi train a few times more before she sees sense. Pemra went into overdrive after its snooze fest for forever and then the Isupportudaari hashtag could be seen everywhere, be it twitterfacebook, posters and on our minds!

Salahuddin epiaode that he would lose badly at the board-game Cluedo he palkeij to even understand direct statements by his mother- Jeena likes you son! Meekail is the modern anti hero- a man of this day and age, who considers himself to palkkein his own number one priority. Bilal escapes after a tip off from Fareeha and when noone picks Mehrbano from hospital, she ventures out onto the streets. Speaking of Dastageer, what a treat it is, when supporting characters are written with as much attention to detail as the main characters.

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I am a Jane Bheegi fan; that should tell you the kind of romances I like. More importantly if you enjoyed this post, do share it with other like-minded individuals. Bheegi Palkein reviewDillagi drama reviewmann mayal reviewUdaari review. The final scene where Imtiaz calls her a shehzadi with his eyes fixated on her, gives you goosebumps.

Life is unfair prlmo no doubt half the audience was probably heart broken by this point. Bheegi palkein episode 6 aplus top pakistani dramas.

To sum up, Dillagi still continues to be a story that keeps its focus on the war of love between the two leads. Yet we blame actors first and foremost when things go wrong. Meanwhile Anmol was updated by her sister-in-law of her Bollywood style khandani tug of war between the dead mother of her husband and her own living tyrant mother.

To a certain extent, the fact that a man is manipulative and scheming rather than a woman makes a refreshing change. In terms of performance, Humayun Saeed could romance a pole- he is absolutely brilliant as the romantic hero. Iliyas continued his emotional hold on Meera, showing little sympathy for her plight and pointing out every penny that he spent on her.


Paljein remained convinced that she was lucky to have him and had to strive her utmost to be considered an appropriate match for their union. He readily admits defeat, saying that he would reunite Anmol with Fareed if she loved him and if that would make her joy complete. This video and mp3 song of Spisode palkein episode 15 aplus top pakistani dramas is published by Dramas Central on 16 Jun Awareness and vigilance can play a key role in keeping children safe and this drama is a brave effort in achieving that end.

So I will no doubt be back next week with the woes of our Cinderella as she continues shedding tears at her naseeb!

The rest of the episode dealt with the teething issues of Sheeda and Mira as they adjusted to their new and lavish surroundings where the bathrooms were big enough to be rooms and the food was enough to feed an army. What is even more disturbing is the fact that most of these crimes happen at the hands of trusted individuals.

Will continue my usual Mann Mayal reviews next week — apologies for the delay. Bheegi palkein episode 18 aplus best pakistani dramas This video and mp3 song of Bheegi palkein episode 18 aplus best pakistani dramas is published by Best Pakistani Dramas on 05 Jul Samiya Imtiaz is 55 off mark and for once both the child stars are equally fantastic.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Kal raat ko shadi ki baat aur aglay din Hassan kay shagun ki taiyari mein madad! For example the way he said to Manu after his khayali pulao involving casinos ofcourse! Episode 5 started with Sheeda discovering that Meera left the children outside the school everyday, to meet her love Ilyas. Fariha continued to go from bad to worse and first lost her mother and then her husband when courtesy of Shano Amma he discovered who had actually poisoned his mother!

This statement was the last straw as Anmol was turned out and told by her mother not to return. Her husband however has the foresight to realize that while they may have lost a daughter, they cannot afford to lose someone who has become a son over the bhegi.