Thanks everyone for being so patient. Big Lez hunts down his father to finish the mission he set for himself a long time ago. A failed experiment backfired on him, causing severe mutations to occur all over his body, transforming him into a small, shrivelled potato-headed figure. Choomahs are very violent in nature and attack people when provoked. He is known for his catchphrases “Wadiyatalkinabeet? In addition to the show’s psychedelic themes, the show has several surrealist themes, such as its frequent use of breaking the fourth wall. I’ve been waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 for ages. The show was mainly handled by Wright with part time help from Hollis.

The documentary also featured new specifically made animations, depicting some Choomahs playing in a metal band. The Choomahs are the main antagonists of the show. G’day guys hows it garn? Season 4 of The Big Lez Show premiered on 10 March and again saw a big step up in production value, with animations again improving greatly in quality and episodes lengthening in duration. Apologies for the long wait my frins, keep in mind this is a feature length episode and the last episode of the season so she has to be skits Choomah Island 2 took me 9 months to make to put in perspective. The special depicts the main characters’ first assault on Choomah Island.

More Laughs Than South Park”. The special lasted just over an hour, making it the longest episode in the series, and reached 1 million views within 2 weeks of its release. The show is also notable for its psychedelic influences, which are visible throughout many episodes. He is known for his catchphrases “Wadiyatalkinabeet?


Season 2 premiered on 4 March and was much the same as season 1 as regards production and story.

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The Big Lez Video Game. The Big Lez Show official 13 February at Between season 3 and 4, the show’s creators took time off to rest and to create the show’s spin-off, The Mike Nolan Show. I’ve been waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 for ages. The Big Lez Show official added 2 new photos.

Share this Rating Title: Thanks everyone for being so patient. The Big Lez Show Soundtrack. The Big Lez Show official January 26 at 8: You see it when you go out, it’s relatable because you see so much of it.

Choomah Island 3: Denouement

Jarrad Wright created by. In addition the show’s viewership on YouTube, The Big Lez Show seazon enjoyed great critical reception from many alternative media outlets and online reviewers. Don’t know what a Sasquatch is?

Comedy Crude comedy Surrealist Psychedelic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On 19 March it was announced on Facebook that the season 4 finale, titled Choomah Island 3: Donny owns the local shop where he employs Clarence and, like Sassy, is a heavy drug user. Mike works in various places around Brown Town and is friends with Lez and Sassy’s gang.


Unlike most of the people surrounding him, Quinton is sceptical of drugs and is reluctant to take any from Lez and Sassy’s gang. Sassy lives in osland run-down wooden shack next door to Lez along with four of his friends, Donny, Wayne-O, Scruffy and Owly. Most episodes were very short, about 1—2 minutes in length with the season’s finale lasting 13 minutes. Hope to see you there! Frames are edited together on Adobe Premiere and audio seasonn recorded on Audacity.

The Big Lez Show —. The Big Lez Show Soundtrack. Despite this, Sassy often falsely denies his drug use, ironically referring to other characters as a ‘Druggo’. In particular, Lez and Donny are very hostile towards Clarence although Sassy is sometimes kind seawon him.

Lez only adopted Quinton upon realising the money he could make from child support payments. Thanks everyone for being so patient. Sassy will often engage in conversation with people who his friends would otherwise ignore and dislike, such isoand Clarence or Quinton.

Jarrad Wright described the show’s comedic influences as follows:.