November 13, at 2: Episode 7 by Unopoleco already released with better subs. Like how many endings they prepared for each season,. Hooray— Addic7ed,com has just uploaded English subtitles for episode 7. Someone tried to post a link to a streaming sub version of 7. November 19, at 5: I saw an advertisment in a Dutch newspaper today.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Here in the US we live in a vast wasteland. So far I think III might be the best yet. Also,as with most subtitles of this type homemade? Posted 23 Mar I hate feeling this helpless… talk about torture. So 7 with English subs all synced up and correct at first glance is available on p….

November 18, at 9: Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! If only someone in Danmark had an original recording it would have been possible to extract the Danish subtitles for hearing impaired.

Check out this comparison of p.

borgen season 3 english subs torrent

Timings were off by up to 5 seconds. November 20, at I would have paid ….


Posted 24 Mar My curiosity is this… do these Scandinavian people understand each other speaking each their own tongue or what? Started by blaraka5 Jan Thanks for the update Mike.

Episode 7 in Danish was up Nov. That’s why it takes so long.

But we need to be sure that English subs are subtihles included. In Borgen 3 we see another Birgitte Nyborg than the idealistic prime minister from Season 1 and 2. November 14, at 8: November 11, at 6: Direct download files have different names.

I came across a website early on that mentioned it but the site itself was a satire site, so I discounted it! November 14, at 3: Here is a new version of the English subtitle file that corrects the sync issues: Disregard the one I sent to Mike.

Also,as with most subtitles of this type homemade? Posted 24 Mar edited. Well done IceHunter, if you were caught in Sandy I hope you subtitled yours are well.

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November 17, at 2: This should work fingers crossed [link redacted]. These are also usually available at Addic7ed and Saesonso monitor those for updates. If anybody on the forum could provide me with a complete version of 3×01 subs in English, I would be very grateful. Is going to be back continuously to check up on new posts. So far I think III might be the best yet.


Otherwise it will be a long cold wait on the BBC. November 13, at 5: It is more than mb.

Borgen Season 3

I am so happy there will be subs available soonish! I don’t know how to sync, so somebody else will have to do this, but I’ll be happy to undertake the translation part. November 13, at 6: