Conquest Of Earth Episode 3. Destroy All Guardians Episode October 25 , Quest for the Creator. Story by Don Glut. Terror In Atlantis Episode 9.

November 27 , Quest for New Earth. Challenge of the GoBots episodes Episode lists. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Genius And Son Episode Steamer’s Defection Episode Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

October 21 Conquest Of Earth Episode 3.

John Thd and Eric Lewald. Mission Gobotron Episode November 4 The Guardians require the aid of a human boy when they find themselves shrunk to the size of toys by Cy-Kill’s newest weapon.

October 17 This episode is stated to be Scratch ‘s first duty, meaning it must fall before “It’s The Thought That Counts,” in which he is active on Cahllenge. You must only upload images which you have goobots yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. The Quest for Roguestar. Ring Of Fire Episode October 14 September 24 November 29 Quest for the Creator.

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November 28 Our version adheres to broadcast order for the most part, only moving the episodes that absolutely have to be moved to correct any major continuity errors, preserving airdate order relative to one another where not impossible, and is not particularly intended fhe serve as any kind of recommended viewing guide for the series in anything more than the coldest terms. Scooter trades in his holo-projector for something with more firepower.


Reed Robbins and Peter Salas.

The Third Column Episode December 6 The Final Conflict Episode 5. Element Of Danger Episode Destroy All Guardians Episode Retrieved from ” http: November 21 Cy-Kill’s Shrinking Ray Episode November 15 December 10 Inside Job Episode Lost On Gobotron Episode challrnge October 2 The story picks up after the original mini-series with the Renegades in captivity, details the history of the GoBot race, and provides proper introductions for the Roguestar and the Modifierand origins for the Monster GoBots and the Power Suitsboth of which appear from the very earliest broadcast episodes of the series.

November 4 Cy-Kill attacks the US military and uses the sorium to power a device that seizes control of the minds of every human on Earth.

Story by Reed Robbins and Peter Salas. Depth Charge Episode December 5 The Last Magic Man.

October 7 In Search of Ancient GoBonauts. October 28 October 1 October 16 The Fall of GoBotron.


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With the world against them and Leader-1 captured by the Renegades, Turbo and Scooter go on the run. Repeated security leaks lead the Guardians to believe that one of their own is a Renegade spy. Genius And Son Episode Braxis Goes Bonkers Episode Additionally, not having encountered him in “Return to GoBotron,” Nick does not recognize Pinchermeaning this episode must fall before Pincher’s next appearance in “It’s the Thought that Counts.

November 13 Tarnished Image Episode Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video.

October 30 ,