I’m on Cinema 4D R11 Studio. After that you finish with lots of individual objects that can be animated and are able to do what you please. Hi, I think I know what you are aiming for, I really don’t know an easy way for doing this, but I’ll tell you how I did it for an animation. And as I understand it you’ll end up with the corresponding surface cutouts AND the original cube? I know there must be a way.. Doesn’t mean is doesn’t exist but I haven’t seen it myself.

Not that I know of. I know there must be a way.. I know that I can make smaller cubes and then animate them to form a large one. And I’m not planning to make hundreds of tiny cubes to form the text. The next I’m not sure if I will remember what I want to accomplish.. I want it to break into seperate objects.. I need some serious help with this. And to be quite honest I don’t think there is such a thing.

This leaves you with your original object and a new polygon object which consisted of the two faces.

How can I break Cube into individual objects?

All I want to do is break up a cube into individual parts that I can move around and animate. Mograph is likely the most control but If MoGraph is too clean?

It is an experiment. How do you want to animate the chunks after they have broken where do they go, what do they do? This is probably answered already but right click the plane you want to disconnect from cinma cube and click “disconnect”.

How can I break Cube into individual objects?

You can break any kind of mesh into nice breakables objects. Hi, I think I know what you are aiming for, I really don’t know an easy way for doing this, but I’ll tell you how I did it for an animation. Please, this is killing me.


2 Ways to Cut an Object Into Segments With C4D

But as I see now maybe I’m just going to have to. I need some serious help with this.

I know that I can do this with a Boolean but that will take quite a long time since there will have to be many booleans that are applied. If you make a cube, make it editable, and then go to Structure, Break Apart, it should make 6 seperate planes.

Hi guys, There is way to do this in C4D with no plugins!

Unfortunately it is indeed tedious, but ultimately you get absolute control on everything, however if you only want to change from one text to another maybe you should take a look at PblurP Thinking particles.

At least in C4D R Once again my creativity is blocked by technology. Hey Alejando, That was a 1r6 awesome Demo Reel. I’m on Cinema 4D R11 Studio.

Believe me it is time consuming and repetitive. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience explde c4d will confirm this Here is a pic of what I want accomplished.

Explode Segments – Modelling / Sculpting – C4D Cafe

What I want my end result to be is text that breaks up into individual cubes that I will move around setments animate.

This has to be possible. Plus I really want to know if it is possible Mograph is too clean to do this because it makes the effect look automated and that is not what I want.

Thanks for your replies. I made it editable and made some knife cuts in the desired pieces, most of them cubes or tetris like. You are going to have to make the smaller cubes you want to animate and put them in a cubic arrangement so they start as a cube then you can animate them. Thanks once again for your reply Regards, Alejandro Free C4D tutorials and objects: I don’t want it to break into planes Or something like that, I’m new to c4d and not at my machine this weekend.


If not in C4d then maybe with a plugin or through another 3d program. I also have max if needed. MoGraph or the Duplicate tool or by hand I been searching all over the web for this info and can’t seem to find a solution.

Is it possible to split the segmented cube into it’s pieces, like the image I have above expllde some sort of automation. Put it this way But, this is a test for the final seggments of text breaking apart.

I was thinking about doing what you said earlier also but was trying to save time by not having to go through the process of sewing the cut up pieces together. Guess I will have to figure out another way. Hand keyframing and gravity as oppose to expresso automation.

Now your should be able to cut it into full not just surface. You can find the video segment in my demo reel 07 http: Now repeat that process for every object.

How can I break Cube into individual objects? : Maxon Cinema 4D

I just can’t get it to work again sorry. I can for the life of me not slice a cut through the whole cube.! I did this tutorial recently epxlode might give you some clues: I’m pretty sure blender and fosho Maya can do this. Time is of the essence here and I have only this life and the next to live.