Episode 12 by LollyPip. Everything’s just so lovely and hot. Finally, a male lead who is not an arrogant dirt bag. Episodes by LollyPip. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Dbsklove May 8, at 7: She picks up all her belongings and once again is left to wander the streets.

Smartest K-drama lead I have ever seen. Fashion King Episode 1 Recap. Finally, a male lead who is not an arrogant dirt bag. In fact, despite her actress status, she really just an every girl and I think that’s why we can all kinda identify with how she reacts to everything. But he requests that she keep the speed down, admitting that it scared him the last time. After she leaves, Anna breaks down and goes back to the bathroom to take some pills.

Fashion King episode 13 English Sub

Kim Sae Ron Main Cast. Michael was also attendance, and says that it was terrible. Yoo Chae Young Supporting Cast. Final Thoughts While this episode started out well, I felt the transition back to Korea was rather rushed. Boong Do makes my heart beat faster than Prince Yi Gak!

I was anticipating this because of the leads, but at the same time I was a bit worried about, well, how this “yet another sageuk time travel fusion thingmahjing” was going to work Then walks off trying to hold onto her composure. I like the modern days better than the Joseon days because I have only little interest in political conspiracy but I have to say that in this drama, they manage to keep them in balance.


This is all welcome news to Boong-do, since it means justice will be meted out. He’s completely different than in SKKS.

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Let’s hope the male lead continues to remain awesome for the rest of the drama. After she leaves, Anna breaks dramacrszy and goes back to the bathroom to take some pills. And in love with the entire drama. I don’t know how many I’m going to recap, but I definitely add a morbid spin to recaps.

Jae Hyuk then offers to give Anna a ride home and tells Jung Ah that she should move out immediately.

She asks Hee-jin about the man who stopped the fight, episod Hee-jin says vaguely that a male nurse stepped in to help her. He plays it wisely, choosing not to look at anything that dates after his own lifetime; all he wants is to read the records that kiny to his goal.

They took the same expression but using 3 different angles at a time, it makes my head spin. You maybe refering to her?.

Seo Young Joo Supporting Cast. He is soooo cute when he smiles. Boong-do is amused, and muses to himself that this time-travel is trickier than it fashikn, since it requires good timing on both ends.

Jae Hyuk supposedly helped her, but I guess that was only to drop the criminal charge? Notify me of new comments via email.


Kiara May 10, at 7: Hearing that she stepped out briefly, he settles down to wait… but he seems to have picked up on the extra presence. I ‘ve only seen her in Best Love and I didnt care much for her acting but she is growing on me here. GrandmaFran May 8, at Kim Il Woo Supporting Cast. I know it’s just epksode first episode, but I hope the plot will be dramacrwzy little bit more organized in the future. I like how he asks her in detail what is and is not acceptable.

I episod debating whether or not to pick up this drama on top of K2H and RP but your recaps have just convinced me that I should Finally, a male lead who is not an arrogant dirt bag.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is meeting with his father and telling him he intends to continue what he started in New York.

Il Gook brings up Ga Young but visitation time ends and he has to leave before he can say much else. Korean hoping for a knig 2nd episode! Thanks, as always, for the recap!!