Think of the accusation of microaggression. Being able to see the complexities of the German psyche under the Third Reich is an opportunity to analyse our own societies, particularly today with the rise of similarly aggressive ideas, political parties, and governments. In this new and apprently deserted place, there are no children to play with and a sad and heavy atmosphere rules. So I wanted to find out what she meant. On the other side of this fence, Bruno sees people all dressed in the same striped pyjamas. Click here to check out my book and movie review!

Despite the plus points, the ending was poorly done, a bit too hasty. It’s the misunderstanding leading to lack of common sense behind terms such as these that people make in trying to reach their ideal obtainable. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I don’t understand how a child can easily slip under the wire into Auschwitz, but no one attempts to exercise this method vice versa. Eventually, he starts to explore along the fence-line and comes face to face with another l A young adult story relating the Holocaust in the most innocent narrative. He just knows that he enjoys the friend he has made from behind the barbed wire fence.

Boyne himself describes it as a fable, that is a fiction story with a moral, and I think that is a good description. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Although the subject matter is heavy, the POV from the 9 year old main character somewhat counteracted that. Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again.

Gutten i den stripete pyjamasen by John Boyne Goodreads Author. However, having grown more mature of the years I thought I’d give this book another go and see if it justifies its many literary awards. Trivia About The Boy in the St But, either way, his naivety and his responses to events add poignancy to the story.

I liked Henry bins series too. The story never got particularly graphic or dark. I appreciated that the violence is not crully said but implied and left to our imagination and our knowledge on Here is a book that reads in one go and that is comfortable.


Gutten i den stripete pyjamasen by John Boyne (4 star ratings)

And we stripefe asking them to do so from a vulnerable position: Bruno, along with his father, mother, and sister and various servants move from their quaint home in Berlin to live in a house on the outskirts of the prison where Bruno and his sister Gretel can view the unfortunate occupants living behind the fence.

And honestly, the movie did it a bit better. I think that the author could of made Bruno a compasionate friend as he went threw a time of guttfn. View all 10 comments. He believes he is living in a place named ‘out-with’ – I’m sure you can now easily guess where his family have taken up residence. Lists with This Book. Credo che chiunque conosca questo libro —o almeno il stri;ete. This made it unlike any book I have ever read before.

Gutten i den stripete pyjamasen

But neither was the outside specialist, and in her letter I could see her twisting words to justify her conclusion, which, sadly, swayed the education writer. It’s a children’s book that doesn’t teach children anything. As we already know Shumel is a jew and he is locked in a concentration camp. Having just finished the Diary of Young Girl by Ann Frank and immediately picking this book without reading the blurb was a creepy coincidence. Due to the fact that Bruno is a child there are a lot of things that he doesn’t understand about his Father and the place that they have moved to.

She was too scared of my grandfather to talk to me again. But don’t children often have a tendency to disobey their parents demands? Some 13 year olds might not be mature enough for it, but I just read this book with my newly 12 year old after coming across it in the YA section of the library.

I feel like these mishearings would’ve been a nice touch to the sense of naivety and innocence, but the fact that it transcends the language barrier is unrealistic. The horror and tragedy of this place seen through innocent eyes is done fantastically – a real tear-jerker.


Being able to see the complexities of the German psyche under fklm Third Reich is an opportunity to analyse our own societies, particularly today with the rise of similarly aggressive ideas, political parties, and governments.

While this may seem like a children’s book, I don’t want to put a particular label on it.

Bruno is a young boy who does not understand World War 2. It doesn’t have to o realistic. Here’s a link to an article containing further links, the first to an article about the situation that appeared in the local paper, and the third to a further article that includes a comment by me, writing as “JaninAtlanta,” although what I’ve written here today represents my latest ddn I don’t know if kids are always this selfish and self-absorbed, but when a VERY skinny sad looking kid on the other side of a fence is talking to me about why he’s there sitting in Pyjamas, I would like to know what’s going on.

They are essentially identical, except one of the them is living a life of luxury and one of them is living a life of misery. But in gytten context, it just doesn’t feel plausible.

View all 28 comments. Also, I can’t see how the use of another teaching method say, didactic, or discussion-based would have precluded the ensuing kerfuffle, although the fact that the “game” had been used furnished a lot of ammunition.

Would this book be alright for an eleven year old? Bruno, the main character in the story, is just my daughter’s age so it was very simple for me to picture him and understand his motivations. I understand the loneliness Bruno felt all too well.

Really liked the different dynamics between the characters. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.