Cutting His finger He draw forth the. Chobhe bich Patal ; urke charhi Agas! Of the daily and domestic customs which are hardly to be distinguished from ceremonial observances, there are many instances ; e. Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. Self- mutilation and self-blinding to gain small objects are among them, stretched in more than one notorious instance into the impossible feat of striking off his own head as alms. Video is violating privacy. Raja Rasalu’s faithless wife had successfully hidden her paramour. In the application of the theory of metamorphosis to folk- tales, we also find another indication of the fundamental identity of the hero, the saint or surpernatural mortal and the god or supernatural immortal in the popular mind.

SiyMan much a gia, ran Sahiban dl chor. In fact, the sole difference between the folk notions of metamor- phosis and metempsychosis lies in the fact of the former consisting of change of form during life, and in the latter after death. All the city cried out at it, And Jai Singh said to his minister, ‘ the sun hath risen! They here, though not in ordinary belief, appear just as ordinary heroes, and are distinctly human in their personalities and all their ways, as often appearing. Raja Rasalu has a parrot who on more than one occasion helps him to a mistress. Now the ritual, where it does not purport to relate the genealogy of the hero, consists chiefly of a string of charms of the common popular sorts. Join us in these workouts and let us help you get into your dream body!

All these things are, however, the giving up of something outside the self, however valued or appreciated, and the idea can be easily extended to the yet greater virtue of the giving up of something that is -within or part of the self. Versions of Potiphar’a Wife are common in Indian and all Oriental folklore. In tsar essential point, arising ont of the view taken by tie peasantry of women and girls, the folk-heroine differs entirely from the hero.

This is a pretty wide category ; but it is quite equalled by the efficacy of the prayers of the laity, both Mnsalman and Hindu, who by it restore man and beast to life, procure water for the thirsty and move a heavy stone.

One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Sabhndn te chhoti hain Bakki, chalke ai Mirza hogs pas. MElran chaupar tere gajab dl, dean akal ganwde. The power of enchanted human hair to assist human beings — perhaps as a spirit haunt, to use Sir Plyer Campbell’s phrase — is another world-wide and very old notion, and again in the Legends we seem to get at an explanation of it, for it and its counterpart the insect’s feeler is of no avail until burnt, an ided arising probably from the palpable effect burnt hair has on PREFACE.


Both the actors and their actions, so far as We have been able to regard them, have all shown themselves to be of the same description, and to have the same character- istics as those in Indian folktales generally whether purely, Ixviii PREFACE, narrative or of set purpose connected with tlie hagiolatry or demonolatry of the people.

He is able to strike a pair of bamboos with arrows and knock the golden cup off the top of them. Mirza phul gulab da meri jholin tiit piS,! In the matter of vows and oaths the Legends give a great number of instances in which a certain form of oath or vow, used for many purposes, but generally for emphasis, has plater come common to both Hindus and Musalmans.

Majruh Sultanpuri Performed By: The very terms in which the actors in the Legends apostrophise Fate shows this strongly.

But the more practical means of defence, such as magical or enchanted arrows, play a considerable part. A miracle in India does not excite much wonder, and is to some extent looked upon as a natural incident in everyday life. It will then be seen that the popular philosophy really amounts to this — every occurrence is fated, the action of fate is visible in every event, is inevitable, is pre-ordained, ” written, ” or decreed.

If one is strictly scientific and arranges the facts in a severe sequence, one is not only apt to be dull, but also to incorrectly interpret the subject, which from go very nature hardly admits of a logical treatment.

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Ghori Khiwe Kqhin di bari muratab-khor! Ye should all go to Kaude Shah’s episoxe of Bawa Jan abode. Mere Hamdam Mere Dost Singer: This notion, though somewhat startling, is widely spread. The career of the foundling may be expected to attract the iraagination of a peasantry. The once notorious Ram Singh Kuka, whom the present writer knew personally while a political prisoner in consequence of his raising a petty religious rebellion against the British Crown, was credited with miraculously lengthening the beam of a house for a follower at Firozpur by way of helping him to preserve his property.

Books of special value and gift books, when the giver wishes ‘ it, are not allowed to circulate. In their struggleswith the human or heroic races their methods, though necessarily differing from those of the males of their class, are in each case of the same nature. So also would the hungry and greedy Panjabi peasant appreciate the force of the method employed by SakhJ Sarwar of punishing a recalcitrant follower by making him vomit his food and turning his vessels of gold into brass.


Serpents and deer, extended in one case to ” all the beasts and birds of the forest,” are attracted by human beauty in a human.

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Bitten, they fell to the ground and their life went to the next world. The kindred congratulated him with auspicious prayers And made presents; and as she became beautiful and buxom, 5 Her maidens emulated Sahiban.

The Kharals thereupon attacked the Mahnis and the Chadhars, defeated them and recovered the corpses of MirsS and Sfihibfin, which they buried at DAndbdd. Mar kohan tare, jin ne pas tere bir kare. But when once the hair has started on its career as a power to interfere in the affairs of man, it is made to do a variety of things for him, for it can, among other things, cut down trees, burn up forests and enemies, and lead the heroine into her enemies’ clutches.

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Please enter your Password for confirmation. Jeevan Mrityu Singers: They frequently occur in the Legends, where they are usually of the prophetic sort, a start being given to a story by the hero’s dream of the heroine or vice versd ; an idea neatly turned to practical use in Bome stories of saints by making the saintly hero fix on a pre- ceptor owing to a dream.

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There are two common variants of the impossible task frequently occurring in the Legends — riddles and ceremonial gambling. The ogre feeds on mankind, an idea extended to feeding voraciously on the larger animals also. As regards this last idea, the form it usually assumes in this collection is the common one of predestination to kill his own parents, who try as usual 317 avert their fate by imprisoning their uncanny oHspring in a pit, necessarily to no purpose.

The direct and almost universal use in story of the animal with human attributes is to help on or interfere with the action of the hero in a simple or in an extraordinary manner, as when cranes, crows, parrots, and falcons act as messengers, a falcon’ takes his playrr at keeping watch, and epsode flock of birds stop the progress of a ship by merely sitting on the shore.