Are you studying hard for your up coming exams? You are the toppers. Varun Sandesh Prakash Raj Rest of cast listed alphabetically: You wiII get used to it. You don’t seem to be on ground any more. I wiII go there. That’s why I imprinted your name on my heart Is it water tap?

And some are aIive infront of our eyes. Hang up the phone. She must be in neck deep probIems aIready. If she had, wouId she bring this situation on us? Enough of studies, teII her to pack bags. We are thinking of each other so many thousands of times, Who said it is attraction? She who Iooks good never shows her face. He make butter miIk.

From then on, she knows no one eIse. Why did you come here then? Madam, you’re taking it too much, he’II be here for few more months onIy, then further studies, his Iine of profession, his troubIes, we’II never get a gIimpse of him aIso. He beIieves that if the tree is No: I never imagined that a day Iike this wouId come in my Iife. Come here, I’II make a pIait.


She must be in neck deep probIems aIready. Take it as smartness or bravery, our Iove taIe. You are stiII 30 behind.

But I want BaIu. I trust the tree not its fruits.

Subtitles For Kotha Bangaru Lokam

But home is the best. Wait, I’II come opposite to you as good omen. PIease some enlish, pIease. Why are you taIking about fee?

Swapna is withdrawn from the residential school because her father comes to know about her love. You’re everything to us. Come, Iet’s go darIing Like poIes repeI each other. What has happened to you, dad?

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Don’t worry dear, Iet’s have a bIast You cry when I Ieave but if I come back, you ask the reason? I need to know the cIimax first. Brother-in-Iaw, pIease hoId on for a minute. But on this kn, it’s face to face.

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Has my Iove try to hide when I’m near? I was thinking about you this haIf an hour aIso, are you happy?


Ye Maaya Chesave Anyway her eyes are magnetic! BaIu is crying of Iosing her and I’m crying for not getting one. Photo must be good on a haII ticket.

What are you taIking? Stop, Iet’s off Ioad him. We aIways get on it.

Subtitles for Kotha Bangaru Lokam

I’II take her on bike in two days and do a wheeIy! GirIs mustn’t be Iike that in home. You’II spoiI your subtittles. Are you Vishnumurthy’s son? Mother wiII never understand me. We brought Pepe jeans and it is our second skin I’II be at the back of her. Can’t you say it first?

I can’t recognise him. You are a big mouth.