While it may not be what we all wanted or expected, kudos to her. She is probably better-known as the author of the Premonition series. I guess I just don’t adjust to change all that well. Phlix was working, but it was finally to the point where Kricket didn’t worry about her being alone in this new world. I’ll save the spoilers for others, but there’s plenty of romance, action, and betrayal! We get a lot less Trey in this book than I was ever expecting Both men have saved her live on multiple occasions. As time goes on though you start to see why he is the way he is.

Mar 27, Ezinwanyi rated it really liked it Shelves: Crystal This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [I don’t see how this can be the end. I feel like there are so many loose ends, so many unanswered questions, so much left that needs to happen. Yes, he’s still rough around the edges, easy to anger and a little full of himself. I get that it might seem pointless to subject myself to mediocrity purposefully. Outside her door stood a tall muscular man with long blonde hair, hair the same color as her own. Another thing you can count on Bartol to deliver is the action. As the pieces of her destiny come together, she struggles to find the answers but never gives up.

Out of the blue Kyon starts showing affection and a little more respect for Kricket. Could it fanfictiion that he was here only for her? When his lips moved down to her jaw and down her neck, Kricket let out a low moan. If you have not read the novel Under Different Stars, this review may kircket spoilers.


Bartol created a unique language specifically for the Etharians. Viola last edited Apr 20, Kricket felt the vibration of the knock through her fingertips.

Fallen Stars, a kricket series fanfic | FanFiction

Kricket learns who has her best interests at heart. Eighteen-year-old orphan Kricket spent her life dodging the foster care system yet yearning for a home.

Needless to say I was a little bit huffy the first few chapters in.

I have chatted with my book friends and engaged other readers in discussion in the hopes that I might find something that would make me feel better. It sounded like the truth, though with Kyon she could never be sure. The last time she had seen him, he’d been badly injured and unconscious, but alive. It always makes for a fascinating, thrilling journey. Themself Trey came across rather immature which might be true with their ages I honestly thought it was going to end with Trey growing the fuck fanfictikn and apolog Trey came across rather immature which might be true with their ages I honestly thought it was going to end with Trey growing the fuck up and apologizing for being the ass he was being but it didn’t.

Kricket accepts this and starts to rationalize some of his abusive tendencies and dismiss the others.

Darken the Stars

She wasn’t ready for that yet. A girl that truly found herself. I felt so bad for Kricket. I understand it and it completely makes sense to me, and it actually gives me hope that maybe Ms. Currently working on a fifth novel in the Premonition Series entitled Iniquity.

Amy’s writing is fun and the magical world she created for this series really co This may be the hardest review I’ve ever written. It was more of a chess game with power moves and betrayal, which can be just as deadly.


Whatever you think of TwilightI sereis this book having a very different feel. Fear for these characters, krickett for what I thought I knew, fear for actions I never thought I would read about, just shock, horror and confusion but more importantly I understood, everything.

God she had missed this. I hope Krickett’s family mainly the sperm donor who begot her he’s not worthy of honored title “father” gets eaten by those worm things. What did you do with Kricket?

Notify me of new comments via email. What more could he want from her? Halfway through the story, I knew Darken the Stars was going to be my favorite novel in this trilogy. This one’s rating halves the last book! That being said, this book was another exceptional story. You gave me mixed signals. It seems all of the character and plot development just kind of got thrown away. Will you be recommending any of these works to the geeky college kid or young professional in your life?

They stayed like this for several minutes.

With the father he grew up with its a miracle that he not totally fucked in the brain! I had absolutely nothing to be scared of though. Now, Kricket faces the most difficult choice of her life: You can send it directly to my inbox. Other books in the series.