One of my favorite recurring bits is Tae-hee venting at her tangerine every time Yong-shik does something annoying. Ah, I’m totally going to chew my arm off! Tae-hee is the total bitch monster from hell in the beginning but that doesn’t last long at all. Yong Shik, make her yours! Youre going to enjoy it for sure! I also know, having watched Reversals , that I much prefer the reversal to the straight story. It’s like the Seinfeld of Korean dramas.

I love this drama, well most likely because of PHS, but can he drop his hair style here? PSH had very stilted, annoying very unmanly in my point of view character even though he eventually won the girl over from the main intended lead. And at times she did look at little plastic Although – i wouldn’t mind if he were my daddy! I realllly want her to pick PSH too, he is so adorable, and quite exciting when he gets all intense. Watch cheongdam dong scandal korean drama, bi mat cheongdam dong scandal korean drama, youtube cheongdam dong scandal korean drama, cheongda I wonder if switching the male lead was the reason that Queen of Reversals decided to extend their drama?

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Now, I will start watching this drama. Episodes by LollyPip. Park Shi Hoo is unbelievably charming and such a good actor to boot. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Yoo Tae Woong Supporting Cast.

A spoiler for you, since you’re worried about Sora: Truthfully, I don’t think Yong-shik would have won the girl over if this drama was only 16 episodes long.


If yes, then I’m all for it.

SINOPSIS Queen of Reversals Episode 1- 31 Terakhir

So PSH gets the girl? When he dies, Yong-shik cries over their toothbrushes sitting in his bathroom, and then later makes a habit of visiting his ashes with a bottle of qqueen and a new toothbrush. Oh wellthey do look good together and the fact that TH is much older than YS is not really a big surprise when you love each other.

Oh Na Ra Supporting Cast.

I’ve done my re-watch just yesterday and it makesthe longest I can ever remember! Quwen drama actually does a great job of turning mundane objects and little interactions into running gags, that eventually become emotionally fraught with meaning.

The police guy was funny, cute and younger. Which coincidentally was over Kim Nam-Joo’s real life husband.

Episode 19

GrandmaFran February 6, at 1: I also know, having watched Reversalsthat I much prefer the reversal to the straight story. I find their relationship is more passionate than her and the hubby, as she chased the hubby, whereas this time she is being chased.

episodr Gf, I’ve been wondering whether you’d do a review on this series or not. I just hope they’ll eventually find each other in the end I like the characters but not as much as Park Shi Woo just yet. Kim Nam Joo Main Cast. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Overall, this drama was simple.


Sinopsis Drama Korea: Queen of Reversals

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Retrieved March 24, Are there twelve more kisses? And goes to aboard with the ex-hubby. So frustrating with all the obstacles and meddling from the second male lead’s dad and the bad guys, and also the pushing from the ex-hubby and his mom. Queen of Reversals sounds a lot more adorable than I was expecting.

Preview II – Queen of Reversals