Following commencement, Donna Jones re- flects on the day’s activities and the accomplishments she has achieved. During the team’s Christmas break, she travelled to Germany to spend time with her boyfriend, fellow basketball player Courtney Belger. As a result, the GiroLive Panthers heard she was injured and didn’t go to Romania, so they called and offered her to come back for a second season. Last event of the Pentathlon, m run. These students’ accomplishments set the standard for others at QU. Members of ICE include:

Lynn may be the team to watch for the whole tourney. Back this year is the all-inclusive Kickoff Tumblr Social Lounge, which will use the popular platform to not only interact with our participants, but also document all social media content produced throughout the event. This is the legacy QU presents to us. The group inducted three new members in the spring and the chapter continues to plan activities and fund-raisers to insure the continued growth of the organiza- tion. Double header for the Hawks taking on Mississippi College today. All six books which were approved for publication by the Editorial Board during the academic year have been completed and are doing well on the market.

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Senior Heath Tagtmeyer quickly passes the ball to a teammate before an opponent can steal it. In addition, the Press has computer- ized daily operations, making for more ccom billing and inventory satch. In fact, they didn’t this year, going in LaJolla. Small groups canvassed the Quincy area collecting 6, pounds of food in a five-hour period. Congratula- tions to all ’94 graduates and to those who will take their place at QU in the years to come!

A unique look was created by the QU Pom-pon group this year featuring contemporary outfits and choreography. The Spring of held the same fate for the Hawk tennis squad as the women had endured during the Fall season. Form and strength are essential ele- ments in mastering the art of karate, as illus- trated by these students. As “spring fever” spread throughout the QU campus with its new energy and spirit, the student quhawke looked for different ways to come wqtch before saying farewell to Biallas pause from an intense discussion on religion and philosophy.


Freshmen Chris Gerber and Lucas Davidson take advantage of an early opportunity to get acquainted with the friendly confines of QU! Members of the Class of ’94 gather for Senior Legacy graduation photo.

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Under the leadership of President Pete Krussel, the Student Watdh was a group of concerned student leaders who served as a voice in campus affairs. The light in this room must be pretty bright for Julie Smith and Dawn Gregory to don the shades, while Jen Norfolk decides that men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses.

An enthusiastic crowd filled the Student Center to trip wathc light fantastic and enjoy a special night with friends. As all good things must come to an end, so did the weekend. Sometimes studying gets a little stressful.

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Retrieved March 16, Slamming the ball through the net, senior Thomas Gill gives the Hawks a two point lead over University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Anthony Catella 2nd place: Double header for the Hawks taking on Mississippi College today. Professor of Music FR. What didn’t change, however, was the good times and memories that are unique to suite-living and the close friendships that become even closer. First serve is at 7 pm!


Exhaustion experienced during the day’s events finally takes its toll on Mike Peterson and his brother, as they catch a quick nap in the Union. Baseball caps quuhawks just for the guys any- more.

In all, pounds of food were collected for the Coom of Charity food pantry. Eight scientists emerge from Biosphere 2 after two years in this sealed, self-contained experimental environment.

The cold weather and harsh winds could not keep the crowds from gathering to witness history in the making as the Hawk football squad recorded their first-ever undefeated season.

The squad began the season by winning six straight before be- ing tripped up by quhawkw 3rd ranked Mercyhurst College.

New Education Division Chair, Dr.

Mary Ann Klein as she tries her luck during a faculty-student bowling party. A popular activity on the beach is para-sailing over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Hawks were selected to host Oakland University Mich. That lack of depth in the East Coast Conference may be problematic, though, and the tournament will show whether going undefeated in the league means being able to go undefeated otherwise. Looking very spirited, the squad keeps the crowd going through a football season. Women’s Soccer Football Squad: Geroge Windolph joins students on coom Brenner Library stairs and uses a pinhole projector to more clearly view the eclipse.

Stretching high in an attempt to get the ball over an Oakland player’s guard, senior Rasaan Hall prepares the shot.