Like a kid at Xmas!! I would go with Shinato. Anything you can recall so I’ll try testing areas you think I have a strange like of White Paladin. Well, akin to my hatred of E-heros, is that of most rituals. Boasting an excellent attack and an equally solid defense with a neat effect also.

I’m not very lucky. Thursday, March 17, 1: Anyway I accept the requests, I’ll find a way to script them! Meaning that if you summon a we’ll compare Beast of Talwar and Mobius the Frost Monarch , it has to give you some advantage if all that happens is that it’s Bottomless Trap Hole’d or, more realistically, Sakruetsu Armor’d a turn or two later. A Club I Co-Host Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Of the incestuous variety. And there is another link: Zorc relies way too much on luck, but most of the time, it destroys your opponent’s monster.

Both can be summoned using Advanced Ritual Art. Henge no Jutsu – Transformation Technique Rank: You see, Yata-Garasu is a spirit monster. When exceptionally pissed you might make some off or sentences in all caps. So the moral of the story is that shknato is a powerful advantage engine waiting to be used for Rituals. However she understands Opal is present for reason. Episode 4 coming soon! This is the risk ratio comparison.

Noah drew a card and his face changed to that of disappointment.


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You cannot post new topics in this forum. Its risk ratio is higher than Zorc. Glitch, gonna comment on that?

As well, Thunder Dragon has always been good for Ritual decks. The Orichalcos problems fixed regards some particular situations using the move to Spell Zone effect, if used with a monster originally owned by your opponent, some problems were occurring. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents. But if Noah wins, he turns mostly everyone to stone and escapes to the real world. The deck which doesn’t work competitively is based upon the premise of the advantage monsters — Sonic Bird, Senju of the Thousand Hands, and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. She wore these drapes in similar omnidisk fashion to Amethyst.

And that is where rituals come in. Sins jing the Father Pt 1 Shinato review Hmm, I think that kf is the first Ritual monster that I have the pleasure of insulting….

What’s new New posts Latest activity. They have to be summoned directly from the hand.

This means that they take even more fodder…. Anything you can recall so I’ll try testing areas you think If you love damaging life points use Shinato. Of the brotherly variety. Try checking Food Cemetery. Joey’s Day kinf Court Pt 2 Sahim Originally Posted by: Noah’s Final Threat Pt 1. Though there are graphic issues, and you can’t view the Attached materials. My general rule of thumb for monsters is that they have to have one of three defining characteristics to be worth playing.


Now I summon Dark Magician!

Shinato, King of a Higher Plane – DR1-EN178 – Super Rare – Unlimited Edition

Previous Topic Next Topic. Dark Magician Girl should be able to help. Wednesday, March 16, 1: Nice bio, so does he also eat people?

Help Smilies BB codes Medals. See, rituals are very playable. Kaiba pleaded with Mokuba, revealing that it was Mokuba who made him strive dhinato become a better person and grow powerful enough to possess a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. If you even freakin mention Demise, I will report your post as spam and neg rep you.