A transfer student arrives on campus, and the three members of the Sket Dan introduce themselves, hoping the new student will join, but he politely declines. Later, Saaya reflects on how she could come to understand Bossun more Will the goddess of victory shine down on our heroes? The second game of the Bibage Battle is a real show between Shinzou and Tsubaki, coming to a truly cinematic finish! Tsubaki is taking over as Student Council President, but for his goal on making Kaimei High a better school, he becomes strict with anything that breaks school rules. It’s the kaimei festival, and Bossun’s class is doing a maid cafe. Testing their own passion and training against the best the world has to offer, the Sket-dan goes forth, with the pride of their country on the line! Can her friends get back the real Momoka?

In order to get him to stop hounding her, Himeko tells Jin that she’s already got a boyfriend The Sket-dan get a new assistant homeroom teacher who wants everyone to call her, Onee-san , but she’s a klutz and is upset she can’t be a good role model for the students, so the Sket-dan ask Chuu-san to help with some of his strange drugs. In order to help Teppei and the basketball team, Bossun starts intensive training. Retrieved May 28, Royal Revival — Tekkaman Blade: But in the end Agata tells hint here are more important things than rules.

Switch and Yuuki then bump into her old crush from middle school, Episoxe, who was there with another girl. After, Tsubaki’s class has to sit with Bossun’s bus for there were only 7 buses and 8 classes. Himeko saves a first-year student, Jin, from some punks, and he falls head over heels for her.

But when Peisode doesn’t show up texting he has a cold, will Bossun be able to fit in and prove himself? Also, this episode contains about 6 minutes of Biscuit Dance.


But the epicness gets Bossun and Switch very enthused about the game, and soon they find themselves heading to the world tournament Retrieved from ” https: The next person to request the aid of the Sket Dan is a “self-proclaimed” samurai of the Kendo Club.

Buso Renkin Death Note Gintama. Everything went well until Bossun’s body can be seen little by little dancf the top. Archived from the original on August 10, Can the Sket-dan unravel the enigma of love? And then another Sket friend has a success story: Hijinks ensue, with the embodiment of episodde and ‘Occult’ clashing their interests and respective positions supernatural vs science against each other all the way in their usual fashion.


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The Sket-dan try to help Koma-chan, a huge girl with a tiny voice. Tetsu comes and asks the Sket-dan to meet with someone in his place. But before long Bossun is invited to join a band and smet three are set to compete against each other!

But when daance a new field hockey stick, she’s reminded of her past Because of his sister complex the president makes the mistake of thinking that his little sister is in love with Tsubaki.

They decide to base the story off of Momotaro, but change things up from the usual Steel Ball Run Reborn! In order to prove the Sket-dan’s effectiveness, Bossun takes on a request to put on a play for a local preschool. Momoka is the lead actress of a stage play, but she’s having trouble with the bland script. Later, after being abandoned by the girl he was with, Kobayashi spots a beautiful girl standing alone by a fountain outside, and hits on her.

Wonderful Tatsunoko Land In the end, the sket dan helps him win the tournament. Can Sket-dan Productions mold him into a star in just one week?! Shiny Seven Stars When a newfound friend gets into trouble with small-time Yakuza hoods, will Hime step in at the risk of exposing her old identity? Testing their own passion and training against the best the world has to offer, the Sket-dan goes forth, with the pride of their country on the line!

Can Agata save his sister on his last day as president? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It seems like a sickly girl who he was exchanging messages with under a epidode persona wants to come see him In the Season 2 premiere, The Sket-dan meets Saaya, a first-year student who’s got tsundere troubles. Bossun thinks he can get popular if he becomes the model for the main character of a manga, but everything he says ends up being way too “boring” and “plain”.


But skwt more to this than meets the eye, as the stoic Yagi is acting like someone who has seen something they shouldn’t have When Bossun, Himeko and Tsubaki goes to Mimorin’s house to retrieve a toy car; Captain does another food challenge at Mimorin’s house.

Then Bossun Himeko asks Saaya what she thinks of him, with Saaya responding ‘I don’t know, but crunhcyroll always on my mind.

The client in this episode is viewed like an idiot who claims that he is a samurai. Sket Dance and the Student Council try to catch rcunchyroll peeping tom; Roman and Michinori are having a manga battle to decide who is a better manga artist.

Next Momoka’s seem to have fame and moe get her head. Redemption Tatsunoko vs. Retrieved March 11, Will they be able to claim that yes, they are the winners of the Genesis World Grand Prix? The Sket-dan ends up getting hooked on the one game he owns for it, but something smells daance about it Archived from the original on July 9, Fumi-chan is a great artist, but what will happen when she tries to emulate Roman’s style of manga?!

Bossun is bummed that Himeko and Switch each have joined up with bands to participate. Because he endangered students by acting on his own, Katou gets lectured by Tsubaki.

Popularity contest in their class, but Uchida’s shy personality makes it difficult for him to stand out.

After investigating, they discover the culprit is cdunchyroll the transfer student himself, who was operating under duress from the school bully and childhood acquaintance. In a moment of spite stemming from jealousy, though, Kazuyoshi sends Switch and Sawa off on their own to buy personal protection items. In the first Arc finale, It’s the second to last round, and it’s a battle of love between the pitch perfect rich girl and the klutzy, head-in-the-clouds Roman-tic!

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