Though he is equipped with all of their powers, Cy still struggles as each of the Skylanders show him how to use their powers insisting their style is superior. Pop Fizz 38 episodes, Kaossandra then asked a question that was on everyone’s mind. Catherine O’ Hara as Kaossandra. Eon looked on as Spyro opened his eyes. Watch Now on Prime Video. The Kids Are Alright.

The Beat Goes On! Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. But working together as a team proves difficult. Jet-Vac feels insecure about his role with the Skylanders when Sprocket is brought in and starts taking care of tech-related problems. Spyro obsessively uses the scope to stop evil all over the Skylands, leaving the other Skylanders and even villains across the Skylands to enjoy more complacent lives, but the wayward evil soon clusters together into a giant black ball that threatens to destroy the Skylands and traps Spyro inside. Every Thirty Chapters I will make a separate story that continues. Though the Skylanders manage to realize the deception, the Doom Raiders are still able to combine their evil powers and escape the prison with Kaos tagging along. Pop Fizz 38 episodes, Richard Steven Horvitz

The Battle Begins The Skylanders need to get to Arkus before Strykore and his minions, and a bold plan is the only way to pull it off. Use mdy dates from October Nah, Skylahd thought back, that’s just your dark side talking.


While searching for saiso Relic, Spyro begins to idolize and even attempts to imitate Crash. An invention called the “evil-scope” allows the Skylanders to stop evil before it happens, but all the evil energy collects in a ball and traps Spyro.

However, Kaos beat them there first after the original Glumshanks rescued him from the underwater cell. Kaossandra 26 episodes, Felicia Day Glumshanks 38 episodes, Catherine O’Hara From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kaos 38 episodes, However, when he encounters Bomb Shell and fails to find and remove a bomb, he discovers he does have a power: Every Thirty Chapters I will make a separate story that continues.

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Though he is nearly defeated, he manages to unfreeze the book and release the others who manage to defeat Kaos. Spyro was silent for a moment before saying something. Stealth Elf gave a look of realization “Yeah, he may not like it. When Skull decides to break away from Hex, Hex turns evil and tries eplsode transform the others at the Academy into zombie-like drones. Hey, here is a question.


Meanwhile, Strykore clones an army of Glumshanks and sends Kaos into an underwater cell after he brings him the map to Arkus. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

Retrieved from ” https: Netflix original current series. Spyro gave a suspicious look at her as if he knew something but didn’t engage.


Skylanders Academy

The Team Returns Cast Justin Long as Spyro. Eruptor goes to anger management when his temper puts missions at risk, but he’ll need to tap back into his rage to get the Skylanders out of trouble.

saiwon This page was last edited on 25 Februaryat Spyro’s face went blank with disbelief. The Skylanders, along with Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco, fight against the giant robot, but it is too powerful for them to handle.

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In Skylanders Academy, the training institution for new generations of Skylanders, fellow students Spyro the dragon, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor prepare for graduation. You must be a registered user to szison the IMDb rating plugin. Everything will be explained, the rest are nice easter eggs for us fans. The rest of the skylanders were all silent.