I think i appreciated the kind of flowy unmoderated unmediated conversations of the early episodes, and I feel your interaction style doesn’t really work that way. The only episode he was irritating in was the editor search one. A new years miracle unfolds as Stamper returns to…. Bill Burr rants about relationship advice, sports and the Illuminati. A couple dudes sit around and talk about E3 – [Tired Monkeys Talkin’ Movies]. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining though.

The only episode he was irritating in was the editor search one. I’m well aware that I’m probably the least liked on the podcast, and my goal has only been to keep it going so long as fans like it. The only podcast that may have been a little boring was the video game one with Tom, but I still enjoyed it a lot, but what they were talking about was interesting, and I get it if people thought otherwise. EP – The Great Disaster. It’s SleepyCast, Episode 05! On Mick – Sometimes it feels like he tries either a little too hard to be funny or makes something seem funnier than it is.

All in all, a lot of okay episodes and some real gold here and there. Jesse is excited to flee the country and Crendor want’s nothing to do with the world. Age-old sex sims, video game boob physics gone terribly wrong.

Cox n’ Crendor Show. How will Cory and Mick survive an apocalyptic Earth invasion by butt-fingering foot tall aliens? Love it, I say! Dan Jakab Chris Moore. Explicit SleepyCast 28 – [Major Malfunctions].


Hi episose to episode 8 ok bye! I think Episodd has gotten a little Stamper returns to take us on a tour of the 13th …. Join us, as our special Australian guest Jazza, teaches the SleepyCabin crew about the many wonders of rpisode majestic Outback. Might be reading into it too much but there’s this palpable social awareness with him. Also, please sign up for our brand spanking new newsletter! Nikki joins the crew for a lil’ razzle dazzle, wh….


So I did some looking around, and apparently It’s just “not much of Zach or Stamped anymore” and “It’s not as funny as season 1” I supposed they’re more of the popular two, but they’re just two people, plus keep in mind that they’re a vocal minority.

Zach knows that Sleepycast wouldn’t be what it is without him, so he’s not leaving the podcast lol. Sleepycast 30 – [The End?

It’s more noticeable to some than others, I guess. It’s been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked sleepyycast as one of the world’s best comedy podcasts. But I’m a loser and just lost my job, so now I’ve got nothing but time. SleepyCabin Updated 21 days ago.

Why are people not enjoying Sleepycast season 2 as much as season 1? : Sleepycabin

There was a post today on AskReddit about podcasts, and a number of people in the comments said that they like the SleepyCast, but haven’t been enjoying the more recent episodes. Aleepycast say if you didn’t decided to give the podcasts a set amount of episodes in a season and just took a break for a few months then came back and released it as episode 31, you would have less comparisons.

Chaney Rockwell Jacob Arends. The overall quality isn’t really worse from season 1 but I’m finding episofe not laughing as much. I’ve seen this sentiment expressed once or twice right here in this sub, so I’d like to ask, because I’m a little confused. E9 – [Dear Annie Johnson]. I think the season 2 episodes are practically indistinguishable from season 1. After nearly a year has passed, Seaxon, Zach, Mick, and Niall, discuss how much the political and social climate of the world has evolved with refined mental acuity that only time and experience can forge.


I’d say the opposite, Season 2 is definetly better, people like Chris and Niall are more energetic unlike Season 1 where Niall was quite and Chris was tired. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. Join Cory, Niall, and Mick as they explore the de…. I’ve since re-uploaded a properly tagged MP3.

sleeppycast One Dillion Clones is current, I’m sure next weeks will be just as good looking at their current quality. E24 – [Looney Goons, Merry Maladies].

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Episode – Dealing Drugs, Except it’s Fajitas. I’m not even to season 1 yet.

Seeing as season 2 is ongoing and season 1 has passed people perceive season one as being better because it has more over all moments to look back on. The SleepyCabin gang fondly reflects back on a co…. Manage episode series