And what happens if I choose not to abandon Lilly? Log In Sign Up. Katjaa had almost no intervention in the game so far, so i don’t really care. And with Carley being dead, Kenny was all I really had left. Yes I did, Didn’t want her to suffer. Maybe that’s because the only time I didn’t side with him was when I stayed silent in Episode One when everyone thought Duck was bitten. Unfortunately that didn’t happen Beat the hell out of Kenny.

I had to turn the game off after what happened to Carley, when I turned it back on it started from before that scene and I had to watch it again. I hated him in the previous two episodes, but he kind of redeemed himself. It’s unfortunate he had to get shot in the face. Didn’t shoot the girl, abandoned Lilly because fuck her Carley was my homie, talked Kenny down, shot Duck and grabbed Omid. I’ve always kind of been afraid of the same thing. I shot Duck, and was really disappointed that Lee didn’t miss, causing a dog to laugh at him.

Turns out you can’t no matter what dialog walkinng you choose. I shot the girl, was the right thing to do, fuck Kenny and his bullshit.

I was pissed as hell but I wanted to punish her in a different way. I speech skilled my way through that.

I actually said okay to savinf, and she told me to go get Clementine and we’d all take off in the RV. I ended up with the conclusion that the group needed all the manpower it could get, and even though she killed one of my fav.

I just hit the prompt and it happened to be the girl. Was kinda expecting Carley would eat it a some point, though. I even though I was upset at Kenny I felt that no one should have to kill their own child. My cloud save is right at the beginning of that chapter, but Savin can’t download that save until tomorrow.


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This kathaa will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Currently I’m hopping that Ben dies a very horrible death in the next episode. Boards The Walking Dead: It started off pretty lighthearted with Duck being annoying and talking up Carley. Yes I did, Didn’t want her to suffer. It was pretty clear that Carley was going to eat it before anything as major as Lee and her getting it on happened.

Let’s talk about Episode 3. *SPOILERS*

Well, I’m definitely happy with my choice then. But after the suicide, I felt like Kenny would take umbrage with me not allowing him to deal with his son personally. I kept Lilly around because leaving her ass for the walkers was too good for her. Shot the kid, felt really bad for Kenny even after all his bullshit since the first episode. She didn’t even shoot the right one.

I didnt shoot the girl, I actually felt really bad and it was the only choice in the whole game where I almost ran out of time, the fact you have to listen to her screaming while your in the pharmacy really sucks.

Yeah she pissed me off by killing Carly, but I felt having her around could still be useful.

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I had to turn the game off after what happened to Carley, when I turned it back on it started from before that scene and I had to watch it again. I didn’t fight Kenny, I’ve tried to side on him with everything, but fuck, dude. Yea, like the majority I didnt know it was a choice, but the other girl got in anyways, I thought maybe if I chose the female over Omid he would of died but I guess his limpy ass finds a way on the train, motherfucker can let me hold him over a bridge while he cuts the truck off, and run with a broken leg but cant jump wwlking a train.


Also, did anyone else think that Katjaa was the person supplying the bandits with supplies? Doug’s death really did bum me out as he was a pretty cool guy since I saved him in episode 1 and I don’t know what to think of Ben at the moment but he sure caused a lot of shit and I don’t trust him in the slightest. But that hi five pop up sounds awesome. Yeah i’m a French guy I did, but purely because he was A first in line walkkng B injured. I have never been so angry at a video game since Shao Khan.

Not as much as to kill him, but enough to stay back and “let Salking save his son”. I play this game anticipating the salking the writers are going, thr what decisions I would actually make.

Sqving also thought it was cool that Clementine ended up looking like Ana after she got her hair cut. Everyone else can die at anytime, even Lee and Clementine. Ben was not in any of my Episode Four previews. Still, it pissed me off when she stole the RV.