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Season 7, Episode 6. Westerfeld House 20 Photos. The Ringing Phone Terror in Fontana 20 Photos. The Washoe Club 13 Photos. Gates of Hell House 13 Photos.

I think you should start your own paranormal investigation group.

They always make him go into the worst areas! Kay’s Hollow 11 Photos. Pizza My Heart 20 Photos.

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Ghost Adventures Norblad Hostel 24 Photos. During the episode, they go back to the interview with Ed and while in the interview, they all begin to hear voices, doors squeaking, and Zak gets a sharp pain in his right temple!

Cities of the Underworld 11am 10c. He stated he was making a movie with a few people and a phone began to ring within the hospital. I felt so bad for Aaron sitting in the padded room! Cities of the Underworld 10am advetures.

Hotel Leger 8 Photos. The guys first interview a man named Ed who claims something is still lurking around the hospital. Next Episode Mustang Ranch. Zak, Nick and Aaron explore episove abandoned Tuolumne Hospital in Sonora, CA, hoping to encounter spirits of the miners who passed through its doors during the California Gold Rush of Expedition Unknown 7pm 6c.

Tuolumne General Hospital

And as it quickly turns out, it most definitely is! Expedition Unknown 4pm 3c. Josh Gates’ Destination Truth 1pm 12c. Commander’s House 25 Photos. Idaho State Reform School 20 Photos.

Speechless in Sonora Get our latest travel news and trends delivered to your inbox. I have been plagued by the paranormal since the tuolukne of 12 and it has followed me since and still continues to do so. The Washoe Club 13 Photos. I live in Groveland CA in a chalet home that has had many paranormal events happen since I have lived in the home with my husband and two daughters for almost 20 years now.


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Kennedy Mine 11 Photos. Expedition Unknown 2am 1c.

Astoria Underground 25 Photos. Season 7, Episode 6.

Mother of three pups. I have been wanting to put a paranormal group or join one for adventurez, however, there is not much interest for such groups.

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Expedition Unknown 3pm 2c. I missed this episode, can I watch it on line?