Go back to cellar. The pups are protective of the toy bone. Exit the dining room and see that mail has arrived. Flowers in, sweet nectar out. The chew toy goes down the drain. Constable Dibbins is now satisfied. He needs red boulders, bird sounds and tea. Go back in and then use the crank on those heavy lead tyres.

Use red club on the lassie front line tee. It mentions about mastering the Ganges and makes an impossible shot. Use knitting wool taken from living room with Crum. The guests are not happy and ask for refund. So the deed is still is here. Get the tags stamp and label from the package on the table. Climb down the ladder. Aim on the bee when it flies above the trash and with the top window of the house across as the background.

It’s not just me, is it? Use the golf clubs and Wallace hits the ball into the hole. Show the snail to Felicity.

Wallace can’t wait months. While you’re in town you’ll want to pick up the bird seed that Mr. Collect Gromit’s old toy bunny rabbit that’s on the floor in the corner of the cellar by the stairs. Make sure to state the name of the game in your email and to have read the Walkthrough in order to make sure that your question hasn’t already been answered. Get the fairgoers to go home: Get bread again or use toaster and see what happens.

Disarm the security system: Use the spanner on the dirt patch and Digger will dig a hole, luckily Filcher will take up the role of turning the wheel.


The porcelain key is taken. Use the weather forecast magazine with Paneer. He will close the club tomorrow. Go to the table on the left and check the ice cream sign.

Go back to W Wallaby St by going left from the signpost by Mr. Gabberley but there’s no point. Go right and look at the Magnetronic Pollinator.

Use the bird seeds on squares you want the chicken to mark to make the chicken lose. Go down the stage and Wallace talks to Winnie. Use the bag on the fan. Use Wallace’s photo on the Extreme Putting Magazine.

Select the blue slicing club from the brass butler. See a purple pansy pot outside the top window.

Paneer lends the searchlight. Immediately, use the bucket of starfish on the chew toy.

Wallace & Gromit Episodes walkthrough

Pick up the drawing thrown by Dibbins. Use gromjt on Twitch. As the game of noughts and crosses is impossible to win against a computer erm Take the extendable arm and use it on the bag of money. Twitch tries to pull the chest with the loot but ends up with a tug of war with Muzzle.

First and possible last day at the club: It drops the energides battery.

Go back and give spanner to Wallace. Select the yellow straight club from the brass butler.

Still didn’t have any effect. Wallace and Gromit made a beach resort at the cellar. Once she has done that take it back to Major Crum and show it to him. Go to the kitchen and use the energides battery, strongium tea bag and grotein bar on the Mix-o-matic mixer left of the backdoor.



Steam Community :: Wallace & Gromit Ep 3: Muzzled!

Major Crum analyzes the topography and states that the 18th fairway is at 62 at West Wallaby St. Log In Sign Up. Use the key on the cage. Pick up a Wensleydale cheese in front of Mr. Wallace hits the ball into the 18th hole and walmthrough the help of the squirrel becomes the chairman.

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, Episode 3: Muzzled! – FAQ/Walkthrough

Get flowers in a hurry. Go back up to the street and use Edwina’s fan so that it faces the street. Take the toast in front of the toaster.

While bragging to Miss Flitt, another aerial assault happened. McBiscuit steps on the sand castle that Paneer makes. Your hair – could be mistaken for – pirates gold. What do I do with the Fortune Teller for Duncan? Eavesdrop on the neighbors: Climb through the sun roof. Go up the sun roof again and pick up the feather. There are some free wallacce in walktbrough, give him one of those.